JGATMS: The Java Group and Team Management System

JGATMS is a web-based system that provides easy management of team member and skills information. It was originally designed to assist church worship team leaders in organizing music and drama teams, but it is flexible enough to simplify management of any type of team where team leaders and members need to be able to quickly access information about team members and thier skills.

The application model is built around a Member Profile and a Skills Profile for each team member. The Member Profile contains personal information about each member and the Skills Profile contains information about a member's skills, including skill listing, skill level, and answers to survey questions about each skill. Leaders and organizers can use this information to build teams for specific projects and/or events.

The project is currently in its very early stages with an initial version 0.1 release available. Prior to releasing 1.0, the development team seeks to implement a finer-grained authentication and authorization model, a scheduling component, and a redesign of the application's core processes.

JGATMS is developed and maintained by the Inklings Technology Group, a non-profit group of technologists who wish to use thier skills and talents to assist churches and Christian organizations with using technology to further thier mission. More information on the Inklings Technology Group can be found at http://inklings.reddin.org .